Excellent Ways To Improve User Engagement Rate On Instagram

Are you searching for ways to increase Instagram’s user engagement rate? Here are some tips to achieve a user engagement rate. Instagram is one of the mainly used social media apps worldwide. Instagram is most of the marketers’ favorite social media platforms. Many marketers may even buy Instagram story views to maximize their reach and also build their exposure flawlessly. According to the survey, 13% of the world’s population uses Instagram, and 80% of the following brands are available in the market.

Likes and comments measure consumer engagement. It is ten times higher than the other social media engines. Apart from these topline figures, there is more proven evidence that Instagram’s marketing varies due to lower engagement rates and competition from other social media engines.

Factors That Determine The Engagement Rates

The number of post engagements and followers will determine your engagement rate.

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Re-shares
  • Views

According to Instagram, these are the pivotal factors that decide post engagements. Your user engagement rate is measured using these metrics and follower count. There are also a lot of reliable online tools that will analyze the meeting.

Post Carousel Posts On Instagram

According to the latest report, a carousel post might increase user engagement on your page. Instagram carousel posts will improve the user’s curiosity and keep them engaged with your post. Moreover, a carousel will not boost your Instagram engagement by itself. Then, how will it promote user engagement? If your intended customer searches for it, post-high-quality content on your Instagram post will boost your visibility. Instagram carousel posts are used for a range of purposes, including posting educational content, how-tos, novel products, and even seeking attention to some social cause. Carousel posts also might help to feed more organized and existing customer engagement.

Make Use Of Instagram Reels

Have you ever used Instagram Reels? This Instagram video feature is used nowadays, and it has gotten a tremendous amount of attention on Instagram. It is similar to TikTok’s fun videos that allow your brand to connect with the group for 30-second clips. The app will enable you to test with creative tools and give effects to your video so that it becomes an Instagram rockstar. You have to include Instagram reels to demonstrate your brand’s promotion.


Why do you need hashtags? Hashtags also provide a high engagement rate to your Instagram account. Try to use a hashtag that is relevant to your industry. Do extensive research on hashtags that improve your business. If you use a hashtag, it will draw more customers to your Instagram. In addition, it makes your post easier to identify.

Partner With Micro-Influencer

Instagram influencer marketing is increasing nowadays, and companies allow brands to promote with key influencers in their industry and improve visibility. What will the influencer do? The influencers are independent and promote your brand with their trustworthy voice and genuine authenticity. Customers are not interested in traditional advertising, are aware of social issues, and craft BS filters, creating brand authenticity.

Rather than partnering with well-known brands, partnering with micro-influencers will build a unique property. Micro-influencers are typically less expensive and have a closer relationship with their target audiences, and are interpreted as more accurate. According to a study, on the average of 1.7 percent of macro-influencers, micro-influencers constantly have higher engagement rates, around 2-3 percent.

Make Use Of Your Captions

Give your customers an engaging caption that interacts with the customer, and also, that post will work for longer. Do you know the purpose of an influencer? You will not only connect with a larger audience deeply, but also it will increase user engagement. If your caption encourages, you can like, share, save, and comment.

Are you struggling to use captions? Use emojis and capitals, or include extra space between letters to cover the customer through the caption. You can use captions like ‘how to’ Try to style the blog post. Use dot points to seek audience attention. It is better to ask a question near the end of your caption to entice your followers to comment with their new thoughts or answers.


Instagram is the perfect tool for marketing your business. You can use all the available and take advantage of them. Instagram is an excellent platform to connect with your targeted audience and grow your income. Use the above-discussed wonderful ways that build the user engagement rate higher.