How To Spy Your Competitor’s Ad Campaign On Instagram?

Advertisement is the main element for any business, and it helps to acquire the goal by focusing on their customer needs through the different social media platforms. Instagram is one such tool with highly populated users, and there are several marketing ways you can use this platform.

  • Do you want to know how your competitors are using this platform?
  • How to use Instagram to get new customers?
  • What strategies are your competitors using for lead generation?

In this article, you will discover how to spy on your competitor’s ad campaigns on Instagram and how to improve your advertising. As a brand, you can also buy Instagram impressions to stay ahead of your competitors.

Ads Library

Ad Libray gives information about competitors’ posts and offers. From this detail, you can learn how your competitors are developing, and according to that, you can decide on discounts. What creative ideas are your competitors using in their ads? If your rival runs a video advertising campaign for a particular targeted audience, this technique may work for you also. By understanding their strategy, you can replicate the same process to grow your business. However, include as many creative ideas to stand out in front of your rivals.

Get Follower’s Emails From Rival’s Accounts

Instagram users generally provide almost 30% to 40% of their private information in their profiles. Will Competitors provide personal information on Instagram?

  • 30% of users have added email as a button in their bio
  • 10% of users include personal numbers in their profile

Instagram business accounts are mainly opened to acquire more followers so that they will share their contact numbers on their bio. So how to receive emails from competitors’ audiences? First, go to followers’ Accounts and gather emails and contact numbers that are available in a spreadsheet.

Make Use Of Advanced Tool To Track Competitors

There are several ways to watch your competitors and use some start-of-art tools to gather their information, and after assessing their method, frame your strategy. You should create a profile and work for your client’s requirements. And also, it is necessary to keep an eye on your competitor’s movement on social media platforms. The tracking tool helps to spy on your competitors, and it will give you all the details of what they are doing? What kind of impact does it create among their followers?.

Messaging And Engagement

The most important thing is to learn what captures your audience’s attention. Next, you have to find whether your targeted audience focuses on benefits or features. We found that you can attract customers with their emotions and creative videos depending on the deep analysis. It will encourage them to purchase, so always have a broad look at your rival’s videos and follow the same strategy. According to the survey, following the same technique as your competitor works well, and it drives 7.8 times more website traffic than your previous marketing strategy. Therefore, pay close attention to the caption, pain points faced by customers, and call to action in account.

Check what type of advertisement is highly engaged and what impacts it creates on the followers. You can find these by using analytics tools, and they will give you the engagement rate of each video from the past week. Have profound research on audience reactions from the advertisements’ comments, likes, and shares. It is essential to read the customer discussions and the feedback.

Create Fake Account To Follow Their Stories

A competitor may find out when you follow your name or brand name on Instagram. So, create a separate account that competitors can’t find and follow Instagram stories. Try to find out what type of content, gif images, video, or a story encourages the audience to follow their account. It will help to replicate the same method for your video and divert the audience to your profile. You need not be a copycat but try to adapt the techniques that inspire the clients and identify the trends liked by customers. Did they interact with customers via Instagram posts? Your ad campaigns will reach more audiences if you gather all the details.


The strategies and techniques discussed above help to research competitors’ ads. The valuable insights from your competitor may work well to grow your business. If you need to invest in spy tools that automate this process so that you can invest your time in generating revenue. Competitor activity is essential because that will help get more traffic to your website. You can compare your position with other top-performing competitors to improve your advertising strategy.